Newbie guide to winning at tumblr
  • If you get an anon telling you to kill yourself or delete your blog, or that you’re a bad person, simply respond “lol ok”. Your calmness will confuse and anger the coward back under the bridge. To see who anon is, block them and if they’re logged in their url should show up in your ignored user list. (Edit: this doesn’t work anymore)
  • If you find yourself falling into an abusive conversation (vague accusations, name calling, passive aggression, etc) either drop your end of the conversation or insist it be taken to private notes. Wait for the blow over, those that matter won’t mind the shit being talked by the op. If you stay in the conversation, demand links, calmly state that you don’t understand. Sometimes people will start drama just for peer acceptance and to feel better about themselves, don’t let them use you like that. If your friend is in one of these situations or is getting hate messages, send them uplifting unrelated asks or one of those “Beautiful person award! Send this to ten other beautiful people!” messages. NEVER tell the other person to kill themselves, and preferably stay out of the conversation.
  • Everybody should install xKit. It is a follow/unfollow tracker, word blacklister, and generally provides a ton of stuff tumblr should already have. Also, trigger tag posts with disturbing content (such as “rape”, “self harm”, “blood”, “gore”, “X shaming”, “nsfw”, etc). To reply to replies, manually go to the post that was replied to on the blog’s dashboard and click the speech balloon icon, the text post should appear. (Edit: many of x!it’s functions don’t work anymore, don’t try to queue posts as they merely get deleted when you try. Unfollow Hater used to work for a follow/unfollow tracker but it stopped, but the scripter is working on repairs)
  • Always say what you mean and mean what you say, and be specific and unemotional when talking controversial subjects, don’t just go BRAAAAAH I DON’T LIKE THING. Don’t start drama or express anger. Be good. If you want everybody to like you always, all you gotta do is never set a single foot into politics/social justice and always act encouraging. Note that not everybody will like you, on tumblr that’s pretty much impossible, and its not even personal most of the time.
  • When people publicly reply to your asks or talk to/about you in posts, they tag it with your url. Always track your url to see if people are talking/responding to you. Tag the url when you publicly respond to asks. If the ask is emotional or something respond privately.
  • Don’t tell people why you’re unfollowing them when you’re unfollowing them. Don’t tell people what they should and shouldn’t post or do with their blogs.
  • To search tumblr, use this URL KEYWORD HERE). To ask blogs questions or talk to them, ask here (BLOG URL) To submit something to somebody’s blog, submit here (BLOG URL) For those blogs with crap themes, turn the pages by adding /page/(PAGE NUMBER). To edit icon/url/open asks/submits of a blog of yours, go to URL HERE)/settings.
  • Remember to enable asks and submissions whenever you make a new blog (including your main). If these are closed, there’s little way to communicate with you.
  • To submit an image to a blog, right click and get the url of the image and click the little square photo icon and put the url in the url slot.
  • To get around the 75 image post limit, submit images as Private, then go back and set those posts to Publish, and viola, they don’t count towards the post limit. Unfortunately, it seems that if you private and then unprivate a post, you can’t tag it and have the tags pick up the post when searching. Uh, just for courtesy of your followers, try not to reblog pages and pages of the same thing too often if its a personal and you post a lot.
  • The best tumblr themes are Papercut, Optimus, and Redux, imo. To add music, use If people can’t find the permalinks to the posts or the next button without performing more than one click, its time to get a better theme.
  • Tumblr is all about limits. You can only follow up to 5000 blogs. 250 posts max per day. 100 original posts max per day. 10 asks per hour (unless you log out and op has anon enabled). 75 photo posts per day. You can upload 1 audio post a day. Its kinda rude to post 250 pictures of the same thing.
  • Ever bummed that nobody’ll stick with it and roleplay with you? Tumblr is a fantastic platform for roleplaying. Create a second tumblr account for your character, not a side blog. Google Chrome has an extension that lets you toggle between two accounts at once if you feel like doing that.
  • If you bash gay people, fat people, puppies, or somebody’s fav show or band, you might end up assassinated by the end of the day. If you value your life, don’t have your head up your butt when joining tumblr. Once again, this is a place for friendships to blossom, act nice and things’ll work out.
  • Pleeease don’t fall into obnoxious as hell trends like calling your followers peasants or bashing things/people because its popular to do so.
  • The popup dash thing hasn’t affected internet explorer yet. and it left the iPad. if you wanna not deal with the new dash, download IE.
  • To reply to a post [you can only reply to posts of people you follow] when you’re not on your dashboard, like the post and then go to where the option will be available.
  • There are people on this site that everybody just hates. If you’re going through some kinda angsty oppositional defiance disorder phase (and frankly I’m under the impression most of the people on this site are) instead of taking it out on “those stupid uptight SJWs LOL” or whatever, don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t give in to peer pressure and hate these real people without reason. You could even ask them about their thoughts on things, see how that goes, you might just not get shot down with death threats and actually make a bud. Hyperboling happens all the time on this site, try to rise above the drama. Hate and drama are bad for you.
  • Sometimes with SJ blogs, you need to remember that you don’t HAVE to have an opinion, the oppressed know more about their situations, and even if you think they don’t you’re not allowed to talk about their situations specifically, you don’t know. Its complicated. If somebody’s beliefs are so ass-backward to yours, unfollow and keep the conversation unpersonal.
  • To give a sideblog of yours to another person’s account, have the other person give you the email they use for their account and then put that email into Members of the sideblog and hit invite, then give the code that appears to the person and they’ll become a mod when they go to that URL. Leave the blog from that Members page and the blog falls to them. If you simply want to delete a blog, leave the blog from the Members page without there being any co-mods.
  • If somebody is following you and you wanna block them, it’d be nice to send them a simple “hey, you’re blocked, unfollow this blog cuz its pointless to follow now” message. The block system on this site is shit and you literally don’t know when you’ve been blocked until you’re either told you’ve been blocked or you mysteriously don’t see the blog’s posts ever.
  • Put to create a readmore when the option isn’t available via button like when you’re making audio posts or you’re on an apple product.
  • If you make posts encouraging people to send hate to someone, or you send anon threats or hate, or you say someone should kill themselves, you’re as basic as they come. Nobody will find your threats sassy or clever.

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