Tumblr Tricks
  1. Tumblr image post limit: If you post an image as PRIVATE it will not COUNT as part of your 75 image posts. Before posting all 75 images, stop at a number like 74 and continue posting. When you are ready for the image posts to be viewable on the blog, set them all to PUBLISHED.
  2. Unable to comment/reply on an Ask’s published response unless you catch it in your dash: LIKE the post. then go into your likes (URLNAME.tumblr.com/likes), and there you can comment.
  3. Gif too big? Link from photobucket. Image not uploading? Open in Paint, resave (in PNG), then try again.
  4. Ask limit: open all the text posts you’re gonna enable asks on in separate tabs at once. Then set them to ask and post. It’ll count as only one ask.

Thank GOD for the image post trick. I have 19,000 images to get down on one blog.

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